Troforte M Vegetables & Herbs

Troforte M Vegetables & Herbs

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You can grow wonderful vegetables and herbs with Troforte! At the same time your soils will become healthy due to the addition of up to 24 strains of beneficial soil microbes and beneficial fungi. Earthworms will flourish in your soil and your soil will truly become the balanced healthy living structure it should be.

1. Natural minerals & beneficial microbes and fungi.
2. The microbes break down the natural minerals and attach them to your plant roots.
3. Your vegetable and herbs will flower, fruit and grow better.
4. They become more drought resistant.
5. One shot lasts 5-6 months.

Feed the microbes, feed the soils, then feed the plants!

A single application of Troforte will feed your garden for 5-6 months. The best re application time is 5-6 months. In the case of vegetables, the plant is busy producing large volumes of flowers and fruit so an extra application just prior to flowering or fruiting will ensure your plants receive sufficient nutrient to match the volume of fruit being produced.

Note: We do not claim this product is organic. It is natural minerals + Microbes+ a portion of controlled release fertiliser. The controlled release fertiliser is used to feed the microbes. The microbes then feed the soil and the plants. The slow release fertiliser is released slowly and evenly. There is no excess fertiliser to leach into water tables, rivers and reefs.

The amount of controlled release nutrient released each day can be easily converted by the microbes and absorbed by the plants daily.

The controlled release nutrient is converted to organic form by the microbes and the plant receives the nutrient in organic form.

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