Ralphy's Refresh
Ralphy's Refresh
Ralphy's Refresh

Ralphy's Refresh

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Refresh is a 3-way action wetting agent which is formulated to suit Western Australia’s harsher climates and watering conditions. Refresh has been formulated to not only break through hydrophobic soils but also retain water in the soil for longer periods.


Key features

  1. Maximising water and nutrient efficacy in all soil types, especially hydrophobic (non-wetting) soils.
  2. 3-way action - penetrant, attraction and retention components,
  3. Very high-quality retention agent with very strong retention capabilities.
  4. Is a low viscous, easy to mix
  5. Promotes root growth and maximising the plant utilisation of nutrients.
  6. For use in all turf, nurseries and home garden situations.
  7. It is easy to mix and apply, and safe the environment.
  8. Will reduce the frequency of irrigation and hand watering to combat the issues of water loss.


Application rates

For Turf applications apply 100-200ml Per 100sqm every 2-4 weeks. If you haven't used a wetting agent previously or the soil is very sandy we recommend a initial application rate of 200mls per 100sqm.

For Gardens 10-20mls per 9L Watering Can over 5-10m2 Apply every 4 weeks

*Do not leave on the leaf if temperatures or expected to exceed over 30C*


Mixing and Capabilities

Mixes readily with water. Add the required amount of Refresh to the desired amount of water and gently mix.

Refresh Is compatible with most other treatments however jar test prior to application is advised.

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