Troforte M Rejuven8tor

Troforte M Rejuven8tor

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Rejuven8tor is a specialist product to rejuvenate tired soils in pots and gardens. You may have noted that old, used before, potting mix is pretty useless and that after a while you best potted plants start to go backwards.

This is probably because all the microbes have died and your soil is basically, DEAD. It can happen out in the garden too, particularly when soils have been allowed to dry out.

So, you can bring your potted plants back to vigour and re kindle healthy growth, flowering & fruiting with Rejuven8tor.

1. Up to 60 natural minerals and up to 24 beneficial soil microbes including fungi.
2. The microbes break down the natural minerals and attach them to your plant roots.
3. Your plants flower, fruit and grow better.
4. They become more drought resistant.
5. One shot lasts 3-4 months.

Repopulate the beneficial Microbes, Feed the microbes, feed the soils, then feed the plants!

When to use Rejuven8tor

  • Re envigorate tired pot plants
  • Reuse old potting mix
  • Naturally enhance the performance of your compost just before using.
  • Re kindly healthy growth, flowering & fruiting in plants out in garden that have been affected by lack of moisture or poor soil conditions or lack of care &maintainence.
  • Use as a preparation treatment prior to planting out new beds of Flowering annuals, flowering perenials and vegetables.
  • Ideal for the preparation of show plants.

Earthworm enhancement
By using this product you will bring a healthy natural microbe population back to your soils. It will also encourage healthy earthworm populations to flourish. When earthworms flourish, your soils can absorb more water, as drainage and aeration channels are an essential component of a healthy, living, soil structure. Root systems are greatly enhanced and therefore drought tolerance is greatly improved.

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