Troforte M Fruit & Citrus

Troforte M Fruit & Citrus

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Troforte M Fruit and Citrus contains microbes that will enhance fruiting and produce better yields. Because Troforte also contains up to 60 minerals, your fruit trees will take up these minerals resulting in better tasting and nutrient rich fruit.

The analysis of Troforte Fruit and Citrus is slightly different in that the balance of the macro elements is more suitable for Fruiting. The difference might appear small, but when Microbes are present and active, small differences in formulas make a big difference to results.

1. Natural minerals up to 60 plus up to 24 beneficial microbes and fungi.
2. The microbes break down the natural minerals and attach them to your plant roots.
3. Your fruit trees flower, fruit and grow, better.
4. They become more drought resistant.
5. One shot lasts 5-6 months.
6. Feed the microbes, feed the soils, then feed the plants!

Fruit trees in pots
Many fruit trees do well in pots and Troforte Fruit and Citrus is the perfect fertiliser for the job! You may have noticed after a while that soils in pots become tired and that does affect plant and fruit quality dramatically.

This is particularly so if the soil in the pots has been allowed to dry out at some stage. The full compliment of benefical microbes and Fungi in Troforte Fruit and Citrus brings tired potting soils back to life and greatly assists with flowering and fruiting.

For the best results, apply Troforte to fruit and Citrus every 4 months with an additional application prior to flowering and fruit set. See detailed application rates on a separate page for full details.

 In ground fruit Tree Notes

  • Fruit trees and Citrus need well drained soils so water logged locations should be avoided
  • Daily watering via drip or spray systems is essential in dry and summer periods. In addition, a weekly soaking will ensure good results.
  • You need to make sure nutrient is present throughout the growing period, so time your applications accordingly . A heavier application prior to flowering and during fruit set will enhance the quality of fruit.
  • See separate page for detailed application rates.

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