Onsite Personal Consult with 12 Month Lawn Calendar
Onsite Personal Consult with 12 Month Lawn Calendar
Onsite Personal Consult with 12 Month Lawn Calendar

Onsite Personal Consult with 12 Month Lawn Calendar

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( Consultations are only for the Perth Metro area in our free delivery areas at this point )

Great news I am getting Back onsite and offering one on one Consultations to help you with any questions you have on your lawn. As well as helping put a plan in place to help make sure your program is successful. 

Just a few of things I will cover on our Consult

  • Thatch Levels ( Finding out if you need a Verti Mow or Groom )
  • Compaction in Soil ( Find Out if you need the lawn Aerated )
  • Soil Profile  ( Check out how the profile is looking )
  • Hydrophobic Soil ( I will take soil away and do a Hydrophobic soil test )
  • Nutrition to help with your lawn goals
  • Soil Microbe Health
  • Pressure Sprayer Calibration Education
  • Fertiliser Application Education
  • How to manage Insects, Weeds and Disease

There is much more, as well as any questions you have as well. I want this to be a educational experience where you feel you got your questions answered. But as always from there I always offer ongoing support as well so you can feel reassured that the help is there.

The Consultation also includes a 12 Month Calendar I like this addition as it puts everything we have talked about on the day into a easy to read calendar as well as notes that I have taken down as well. 

Note: Consultations are between Sunrise and 4pm Monday to Friday I sadly do have commitments past 4pm. However if these times cant work. I am happy to try and make after hours work. 

There is 3 options for our Consultations. 

  • First Option is the Onsite Consult and 12 Month Calendar
  • Second Option is adding in the Soil Microbe Analysis this is currently the same price as the First option as I still want to get as many Microbe Analysis as possible to further educate myself.
  • Third Option is Including the Soil Nutrient Analysis which is where we send a soil sample away to be analysed and they give a report back on what nutrients are available in the soil and how to make corrections if needed to make sure its all balanced. It will also give us a understanding of PH, Organic Matter and Total Exchange capacity. All key elements which can help better fine tune the program.

If you have any questions or need any information at all please don't hesitate to ask I am more than happy to help in anyway. I look forward to helping you with your lawn goals :)

Kind Regards

Kerion Ralph

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