Terralift Soilfix MG 20kg

Terralift Soilfix MG 20kg

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Soilfix Mg lifts the root zone’s ability to sustain turf performance by addressing magnesium deficiencies and improving soil structure.

  • Boosts soil Mg levels at any pH

  • Fine turf size granules readily breakdown and disperse

  • Builds CEC to support other applied NPK

  • Ingredients are wrapped in the TX organic complex

  • Also provides 7% Ca, 0.5% Mn, B and minor trace elements

Application rate

Recommended Period of Use
Early Spring to late Autumn

Mg is key to photosynthesis (colour) and the conversion of nitrate to protein for hardy growth. This constant demand by turf for magnesium can readily be met through applications of Soilfix Mg. The 18% Mg content is in a variety of forms to build and maintain consistent Mg levels, even in low CEC sand profiles.

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