Terralift Soilfix KCa 20kg

Terralift Soilfix KCa 20kg

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Soilfix KCa lifts the root zone’s ability to sustain turf performance by addressing potassium, calcium and magnesium deficiencies and improving soil structure. By wrapping potash, calcium and magnesium soil additions in the TX organic complex, more of these nutrients are held by the soil for grass use rather than leaching away from the root zone.

  • Boosts soil K, Ca and Mg levels

  • Fine turf size granules readily breakdown and disperse

  • Builds CEC to support other applied NPK

  • Added benefit of the TX organic complex for nutrient retention and soil fertility

Application rate

Apply up to 3 time per season, seperate each application by 3-4 weeks

Recommended Period of Use
Spring to Autumn

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