Terralift Activate K 20kg

Terralift Activate K 20kg

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Activate K 20Kg  8-0-16 + 2Fe + 1Mg

A premium maintenance fertiliser containing a high Potassium (K) formulation for correcting and promoting turf strength. Ideal for Potassium deficient soils. A 20kg bag of Activate K will cover up to 800sqm.

Activate K combines the Terralift organic complex with methylene urea technology. Delivering all the essential nutrients for healthy turf and ensuring the building blocks are in place for soil friability, water percolation and CEC within the root zone.

  • High K formulation for turf strength
  • Ideal for potassium deficient soils
  • Creates tighter surfaces and deeper roots

Bio-enhanced with the Terralift Organic Complex.

Activate K is safe for use on all turf varieties and best applied using a fertiliser spreader to ensure even application. Activate K is safe for use around children and domestic cats and dogs and requires irrigation after the application

CAUTION - This product contains micronutrient Iron. Iron may stain concrete, masonry, and other hard surfaces. Apply product with caution around these surfaces. Permanent staining may occur. Brush or blow from these surfaces promptly. Do not use water to remove product from these surfaces.

Application rates
Standard rate: 2.5kg/100m²
Heavy soils: 1.5kg/100m²
Sand soils 4kg/100m²

Recommended Period of Use
All year

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