Soil Microbe Analysis and 12 Month Program

Soil Microbe Analysis and 12 Month Program

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The Soil food web is a important aspect to growing success. In this analyses we look more in depth on 4 key soil microbes, Bacteria, Fungi. Protozoa and Nematodes. I'm currently studying these 4 Microbes under the microscope and helping to further educate myself and others on how getting the ratios right of these 4 Microbes can help you in growing success. Right now I have followed many others research and I have finally got the chance to do my own research, where I can share my finding and educate others on how to improve soil health this is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.

For those who do take up this offer I say a massive thank you as this will be a big aspect of my research on how I can analyse your soil and then put a 12 Month Program in place to improve soil quality and nutrition.

I look forward to improving the Zoo beneath our feet :)

Information on the 12 Month Program that comes with the microbe analysis.

Do you find yourself spending money on products but still feel like your getting nowhere and possibly the lawn quality goes backwards. Or maybe you just want to get that upper edge on the street and need a plan on how to create a stadium quality turf at home.

Our 12 month plans start with a online consultation to finish with a personalised lawn program to suit your budget and what you would like to achieve from your lawn. This can be at any stage of growth new, old or in need of repair this program will help you get the best out of your lawn. 

In the initial process once a payment has been processed I will email out a short questionnaire just to ask you a few questions to start the process. Once completed I will organise you to email the questionnaire back and a few recent photos so we can start the consultation. From there will than talk through the answers to those questions asked and work on a program to better suit your needs and address any issues currently going on with the lawn.

The program itself will be easily understandable and printable so you can keep it near you for quick and easy reading. You will also have other information you can draw upon from myself and any issues arising you have the support of myself and other knowledgeable industry help.

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