Ralphy's Engage
Ralphy's Engage
Ralphy's Engage

Ralphy's Engage

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Engage is a premium blend of highly available potassium and phosphonic acid making it an ideal tool to combat turf stress and aid in root recovery. Added amino and organic acids help increase turf vigour and health.

  • Provides fast response to correct Potassium deficiencies through direct foliar feeding as well as through the soil.
  • Activates the plant’s immune defence response to resist plant pathogens. Actively combats spores of Pythium and reduces nematode damage.
  • Assists turfgrass in coping with high stress conditions by strengthening the cell wall.

Analysis: 13% Phosphorus Acid 25% Potassium with 11% Amino Acids

Application Rate: apply as a foliar spray or soil drench at the rate of 100-250mls per 100sqm every 2 - 4 weeks.

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