EZ-FLO 5.7L ( Pre Order ETA 1 Week )

EZ-FLO 5.7L ( Pre Order ETA 1 Week )

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The 5.7 Litre, 001CX is ideally suited for the small residential home block, upto 800m2 in garden/turf area.

An easy way to apply concentrated fertilisers to your lawn, plants and gardens.

As easy as adding your concentrated liquid fertilisers (together if they are compatible) directly into its cannister, connect to the hose or irrigation system, adjust the setting to the dilution rate/amount of fertiliser to be applied (4 settings from fast to slow that correspond to the recommended application rates on the products) and away you go.

If connecting to a hose, you can hose straight on with your normal hose nozzle or even connect a sprinkler (and timer if you like) and let it do he hard work for you.

Great for small lawn maintenance businesses or larger properties too as you can set and leave, then move to the next area as required, fertilising whilst you’re doing other maintenance.

 What is EZ-FLO?

EZ-FLO is the fastest and easiest way to have healthy plants, turf and crops.

 is a fertigation technology that comes in a range of sizes to suit a broad range of applications, from residential gardens to commercial golf courses and small crops.

dispenses a precise amount of concentrated fertiliser every time you water. No matter how small or large your property is you can take advantage of EZ-FLO products to save money, conserve valuable resources, and fertilise more efficiently and quickly.

Getting Started

Start by selecting a water soluble or liquid fertiliser. With EZ-FLO you do not need to pre-mix or dilute your fertiliser ever again. Fill your EZ-FLO tank with your concentrated fertiliser, top up fully with water and select the setting (ratio) on the cap and get ready for automatic fertigation.

Hose and drip models have injection settings of 1:100 (fast), 1:250, 1:400 or 1:1000 (slow).

Main-line models installed into irrigation lines have injection settings of 1:400 (fast), 1:2000, 1:8000 or 1:15000 (slow).

You can use EZ-FLO for microdosing – where small amounts of fertiliser are applied every time you water – by selecting the ‘slow’ setting. At 1:1.000 one litre of concentrate is displaced for every thousand litres of water if using the hose and drip system and 1:15.000 if using the main-line systems.

Microdosing is beneficial as plants can absorb nutrients immediately. This creates a robust root system, generating healthier plants with less water, and it also reduces fertiliser run-off.

How it works

EZ-FLO requires either a hose tap adapter for residential systems or for permanent irrigation a main inline adapter (CBV). These provide a slight pressure drop allowing a small stream of water from the hose or irrigation pipe to enter the EZ-FLO, displace the fertiliser concentrate, then re-introduce it back into the main water stream where it is diluted.

As water enters the tank separation is achieved – heavier concentrate on the bottom and lighter water on the top. EZ-FLO only pulls concentrate from the bottom of the tank; it does not dilute the concentrate.

The result is consistent levels of fertiliser throughout the whole cycle until the fertiliser is depleted and is replaced with water.

EZ-FLO has no moving parts, requires zero maintenance and zero power.

The ease of use sets EZ-FLO apart from competing fertigation technologies – it’s so EZ(y)

 What is fertigation?

Healthy plants are not achieved with water alone, they also need nutrients.

As the name implies, fertigation is the process by which fertiliser is applied with irrigation water. Fertiliser + irrigation = fertigation.

Historically, the technique of fertigation was used in commercial agriculture and horticulture. By applying fertiliser through irrigation water, you have superior control over the timing, quantity and concentration of fertiliser applied.

Environmental benefits

Traditional methods of fertilising such as hand or machine broadcasting of granular fertiliser and mechanical or hand spraying of liquid fertiliser have multiple disadvantages, including; uneven distribution, inefficient use of fertiliser resulting in wastage and run off, time-consuming application processes and a high price tag.

Fertigation optimises yield and minimises environmental pollution by reducing fertiliser consumption and maximising fertiliser efficiency.

Fertilise each time you water

Fertigation can be easily achieved with EZ-FLO microdosing technology, which applies a small dose of fertiliser every time you irrigate.

With nine US patents and two international patents, EZ-FLO microdosing technology proportions fertiliser into the irrigation water stream at very low parts per million (PPM) ratios. This technology has the ability to solubilise highly concentrated, water-soluble or liquid fertilisers and accurately proportion them into the irrigation water stream at variable rates.

EZ-FLO makes fertigation, the most effective and least expensive method of delivering nutrients to plants, accessible for both commercial and residential applications.

 Microdosing with EZ-FLO

Benefits of microdosing fertigation

Microdosing fertiliser application is more effective and consistent. Fertiliser is not only applied wherever the water goes but every time you irrigate.
You have designed your irrigation for efficient cover, so with microdosing fertilisers are applied at the root, not in the gutter. This means less wastage through run off.

Because you are applying small amounts of dissolved fertiliser, there is not large quantities of solid fertiliser in contact with the air hence evaporation of fertiliser, especially nitrogen, is virtually eliminated.

Research indicates microdosing can reduce fertiliser consumption by up to 60%.

Spoon feeding

Because you are spoon feeding your plants with microdosing, nutrients are immediately available to them. About 90-95% of microdosed fertiliser is absorbed by the plant roots and leaves.

Microdosing eliminates the feast and famine cycle of conventional fertilising methods thus improving plant health because your plants never want for a feed. This helps make plants less susceptible to insects and disease because they attack weak plants.

Improved root development from microdosing saves water, it gives plants with a healthier root structure which is more drought resistant because it is more efficient at absorbing water. Some research estimates up to a 50% reduction in water requirements.

Reduce your water

When you introduce microdosing, we recommend you immediately reduce your water by 10% for the first fertiliser cycle. Cut back by another 10% for the second cycle and 5% for the third. Continue reducing each cycle by 5% until you find the right balance for your plants based on the products you are using and your soil type.

Microdosing saves time and money by eliminating the prolonged manual application process. It also reduces soil compaction because it eliminates the need for any heavy machinery.

 EZ-FLO Advantage

What makes EZ-FLO stand out from the competition?
Top of our list is the simplicity; it’s not called EZ-FLO (pronounced ‘easy flow’) for nothing. But having said this is the number one advantage, we have probably done EZ-FLO an injustice, because there are so many advantages.

Fewer product limitations

EZ-FLO is filled with concentrated liquid or water-soluble products so there is no need to pre-mix. As a result, EZ-FLO offers at least a 10X reduction in the tank capacity required compared to other systems.

EZ-FLO is suitable for a large range of products, not just fertiliser. It can dispense any water-soluble product with a specific gravity greater than that of water including soil amendments, wetting agents, acid, pre-emergent herbicides, growth regulators and insect control. The applications are only limited by your imagination!

Unique product

EZ-FLO is unlike other differential pressure systems because it uses dynamic suspension and proprietary fluid flow technology. This patented technology ensures the incoming water displaces the fertiliser but does not dilute it in the tank. The concentration of fertiliser output is constant over the whole cycle.

EZ-FLO offers accurate proportioning of fertiliser and automatically adjusts to different pressure and flow for multi-zone irrigation. It is a true ‘Set and Forget’ product. Applicable operating ranges are 30-800 kPa pressure and irrigation flows from 0.3 Litres per minute to 23m3 per minute. Microdosing from 1:75 to 1: 1.5 million is possible.

There are no moving parts in the EZ-FLO and it does not require electricity to run making it maintenance free. We have no need of complicated computers to make it work.
EZ-FLO can operate from a tap for smaller units through to irrigation mainline or lateral.

Additional features

There is a wide range of sizing in EZ-FLO systems so you can select a product based on your irrigation cycle or how often you wish to refill the unit.

EZ-FLO never runs dry. The fertiliser is displaced with water so at the end of the cycle, the EZ-FLO is full of water. It can just sit there with no detrimental effect until you are ready to fill the unit.

EZ-FLO is a proven world leader in injection equipment for the horticultural industry with a 25-year history of quality and reliability which has set us apart from many competing technologies. eziflo.

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