Eco Growth Eco Vital
Eco Growth Eco Vital

Eco Growth Eco Vital

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A Biological Trace Element product rich in natural Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, 60+ Trace / Rare-Earth elements, +natural growth regulators.

Unwanted stress during the active growing season can destroy potential yield and quality. Stress is usually the result of imbalanced growth, often made worse by extremes of Heat & Cold.

Stress tolerance is important to guarantee the accessibility of soil nutrients such as calcium (often the symptom responsible for blossom end rot). Weak cellular structure such as thin cell walls/cuticles excess fluid content or imbalanced

nutrition (ie too much nitrogen), may lead to poor produce storage life, heat / frost intolerance, excessive wind damage and often increased insect / fungal damage.
Nutrition is one of the keys to balanced growth. Plants require a range of macro and micro elements is a balanced ratio dependent on plant type, growth stage and environmental conditions. This makes fertilizing very difficult to get exactly right all of the time.

Eco-Vital contains nutrients in a naturally chelated form (organically bound). Chelates are known to be up to 90% more efficiently absorbed by plants than raw elemental fertilisers. This makes the required rates lower and the speed of their absorption and utilization higher.

Another benefit of chelated nutrients is that they allow the plant to pick and choose nutrients as required. Conversely raw synthetic fertilisers tend to force nutrient uptake, which can lead to gross abnormalities, and poor quality yields with low storage potential if not managed intricately.

Plants treated with Eco-Vital tend to exhibit balanced nutrient levels, with regular even sized growth, strong cell walls and thick cuticles, with excellent cell density.

Because of the speed of action Eco-Vital is also an excellent product for quickly rejuvenating and remediating stress induced wilting and damage. This reflects greatly on shelf life, uniformity of product, and visual characteristics such as gloss and colour.

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