Eco Growth Eco Prime Avocado 25kg ( ETA 2 Weeks )

Eco Growth Eco Prime Avocado 25kg ( ETA 2 Weeks )

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  • Designed to combat bi-annual bearing
  • Maintain size with increased yield
  • Encourage strong, healthy trees
  • Safe to apply during flowering and fruit set
  • Builds soil biology & strengthens roots• Suits most spreader types

Matching nutrition to your crop’s needs all season is the key to happier, healthier trees. Reduce fruit drop and maximise size, consistency and yield with a complete balance of key nutrients (not just Nitrogen) with Eco Growth fertilisers.

NPK - Eco Prime Avocado is ideal as it boasts a high analysis, yet is safe to use through delicate parts of the season such as flowering and fruit set. SF Avo provides a very simple one-step complete nutritional benefit, including Nitrogen – without causing tree or soil imbalances.

Mineral Protection - Silicates harden roots, supplied through Eco Prime Avocado (which is a Silicate mineral fertiliser), and Express® Potassium Silicate in conjunction with Eco-Humate® to ensure systemic uptake; it is possible to harden avocados against root damage, especially in the presence of subsoil Aluminium.

Microbial Protection - Trichobacter through irrigation and implants in the trunk, in conjunction with Silicates provide effective trunk protection - hardening the tree, whilst encouraging new root development and increased productivity. These options fit well with a suitable phos acid program to ensure good tree resilience.

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