Baileys SG Elite

Baileys SG Elite

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Contains 62% readily available nitrogen and 38% slow release. 

17%N, 3.5%P, 11%K, 6.8%S, 1.65%Ca, 1.8%Mg, 0.15%Fe, 0.13%Mn, 0.06%Zn

A compound granulated blend that is 15% organic, provides two forms of slow release through both natural organics and urea formaldehyde slow release technology. It also has a complete NPK balance for use on new lawns and as a maintenance fertiliser. This will be a great blend for those who are cutting regularly and lower. As well as a blend to compliment the use of a Plant Growth Regulator and other Foliar nutrition.

20-30grams per sqm every 10-12weeks

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