Baileys Energy Maxx 20kg

Baileys Energy Maxx 20kg

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Baileys Energy Maxx is a fully granulated, organic based start-up fertiliser incorporating a range of essential macro and micro nutrients, soil amendments and bio stimulants into the one homogenous product. The unique formula not only provides a complete range of plant nutrients but also enhances soil capacities and plants physiological processes to improve vigour, yields, quality and post-harvest shelf life.


  • High potassium levels strengthens plant cells, improving plant tolerance to environmental stresses such as frost and plays an important role in the control of stomata and ionic concentrations inside plant tissues.
  • High levels of Calcium vital for plant health and energy production.
  • Stimulates early root and shoot development.
  • Increases protein production within the plant.
  • Improves water efficiency.
  • Improves stand persistence, longevity and hardiness.
  • Hastens maturity.
  • Improving resistance to pests, diseases and temperature extremes.
  • Improves fruit formation, seed and fruit quality.

30-50grams per sqm every 8 weeks

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