Amgrow Pac-Down 1L ( Hedge PGR )

Amgrow Pac-Down 1L ( Hedge PGR )

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Pac-Down is formulated for the growth regulation (PGR) and suppression of Winter Grass (Poa annua) in turf and for growth control in ornamentals.

Pac-Down is a suspension concentrate formulation for spray application with dilution with water. Apply to dry or wet turf and water in immediately with 4-6 mm of irrigation.
Poa annua control will be influenced by application rate as your management practices, climate, soil type, grass variety, and strain of Poa annua.
Growth rate will reduce in 1-2 weeks after application.

Pac-Down being a systemic growth regulator that that works through root uptake it reduces internode lengths of new shoots and causes earlier formation of terminal buds and controls plant height.  Making Pac-Down ideal for use for a range of ornamental plants, hedges and trees.
Use of PacDown should begin only when trees and hedges are nearing their optimum size. If a tree is under stress, Pac-Down should NOT be used.

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