Ralphy’s All Rounder
Ralphy’s All Rounder

Ralphy’s All Rounder

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Ralphy’s All Rounder

All Rounder is a Balanced 20% Nitrogen and 20% Potassium Fertiliser with added 2% Iron making it ideal for all seasons and fantastic for coming into the cooler months to build turf strength and resilience. 50% of the nitrogen is supplied as Poly Sulphur Coated Urea giving a controlled release nitrogen content for the perfect combination of upfront and controlled release nutrition.

·         A great fertiliser for use all year round in particular into the cooler months.

·         Poly Sulphur Coated Urea for a 50% controlled release Nitrogen content.

·         Balanced N and K levels for strength and resilience and growth.

·         Higher Iron Content for great colour

Application Rate 2.5kg per 100sqm every 8 weeks

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