Adama Wipe-Out Bio

Adama Wipe-Out Bio

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Adama Wipe-Out Bio 360 g/L glyphosate

• WIPE-OUT® BIO is a non selective herbicide containing 360 g/L of the active ingredient glyphosate present in the form of an isopropylamine (IPA) salt

• It is registered for the control a wide range of perennial and annual weeds in a range of situations including general weed control, non agricultural, brush and woody weed, aquatic and forestry uses

• WIPE-OUT® BIO has an aquatically approved adjuvant system within the formulation.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in WIPE-OUT® BIO, controls weeds by inhibiting the activity of the EPSP enzyme (5-enolpyruvylshikimic acid-3-phosphate synthase), which is necessary for the formation of the aromatic amino acids within the plant. These amino acids are important in the synthesis of proteins that link primary and secondary metabolism of nutrients. As a result of the reduced metabolism of nutrient within the plant, food sources required for growth are not available, essentially resulting in weed death in 7-14 days. EPSPs are present in the chloroplast of most plant species, but are not present in animals, providing a high degree of safety to users. WIPE-OUT® BIO is classified as a Group M herbicide. Glyphosate is highly systemic within the plant. Hence, upon entering the plant’s foliage, glyphosate moves downwards throughout the plant to the root system.

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