Ralphy's Winter Essentials ( Foliar )

Towards the end of Autumn and over Winter we minimise the use of a granular fertiliser and we start looking to using liquids to help keep our turf healthy during the cooler months. The following 3 products are what I will use as essentials to keep my turf in the best shape during the season.

The advanced formulation for improved colour and growth, extended greening, increased uniformity, quick availability and improved rooting for fine turf. Encourages healthy plant development under normal and extreme environmental, chemical and mechanical stresses.

ProteSyn is Protein Synthesis! This advanced liquid organic complex provides complete amino acids, proteins, simple and complex carbohydrates, and essential turf vitamins to conserve plant energy and improve photosynthetic efficiency.

Classic Floratine formulation enhanced with PowerPlay technology for growth and plant hardiness. Great for winter feeding during cooler weather on cool and warm-season grasses.

All products can be tanked mixed together in a pressure sprayer and are applied as a foliar with a 02-04 Teejet XR type foliar nozzle to give best coverage and consistency.