Ralphy's Winter Basics ( Soil Based )

Towards the end of Autumn and over Winter we minimise the use of a granular fertiliser and we start looking to using liquids to help keep our turf healthy during the cooler months. The following pack is more targeted to use if you wish to apply products as a soil based application.

Spike is for the Lawn Addicts who love green grass for the looks, but more importantly for turf managers who know green means the power of chlorophyll. Packed with micronutrients and our new Fe+2 technology, designed to stabilise iron in its only plant-usable form.

FIGHT’S ON 0-5-18 + 3.6 Si 
Fight’s On is a one-two punch to prevent stressed-out turf and offers more than a fighting chance. With a heavyweight dose of 3.6% silicon for cell strength, stress and wear tolerance along with a proprietary stabilised Phosphite for a boost of energy, this is a great soil application to get your turf through the toughest of rounds.

All products can be tanked mixed together in a pressure sprayer and are applied to the soil preferably with a 02-04 Teejet AIXR type Soil Based nozzle to give best coverage and consistency. We have has success at the higher rate applying the above products through a Hortex or Seasol Sprayer.