Ralphy's Wetting Agent Pack

Coming into summer ensuring water penetrates into your soil profile and just importantly retains in your soil profile is a essential key to lawn health.

This little bundle gives you the best of both.

Floratine Propel is a excellent soil penetrate with added the added benefit of Humic Acid. Floratine Propel is only 100mls per 100sqm every 4 weeks. A quick note if your soil is Hydrophobic a single initial application of 200-300mls is advised.

Floratine Retain Pro is a Retaining Agent this does exactly what the name suggests and helps retain that moisture in the soil. Apply Floratine Retain Pro at the rate of 100mls Per 100sqm every 4 weeks.

The great thing about these 2 products they are tank mixable or you can apply Propel first and Retain Pro a few days later.

My lawn guide has some great tips on watering and helping you encourage a deeper healthier root system

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