Ralphy's Weed and Feed Pack

The most common go to option for Weed killers is a hose on Weed and Feed Pack unfortunately these can be hit and miss. Along with having them attached to the hose spraying and nothing comes out the chance of it working can be lower. The objective on both the fertiliser and herbicide in the weed and feed packs is to be absorbed through the leaf of both the lawn to feed and weed to kill the weed. However by using a hose on pack you risk of over using too much water ultimately washing both the chemical and fertiliser off the leaf and into the soil where its less effective.

I have made a video on this last year explaining more if you would like more information as well as how to apply a herbicide effectively.

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Our pack separates the Weed Killer from the fertiliser and by doing it this way will make it more effective.

First step is applying the fertiliser it is good practice to feed the lawn before applying any chemical so we will do the same here. Baileys 4.1.1 is the product we have in this pack. It is a fantastic Winter fertiliser which is suited to the cooler temperatures. Start off applying 20 grams per sqm and watering this in you can re apply every 6 weeks after the initial application.

A week after applying the Baileys 4.1.1 it is time to apply the Herbicide. Now the next few details are crucial with most herbicides. The herbicide is applied with a pressure sprayer and needs to be applied on a dry day and on a dry lawn and not watered in for at least 4 hours. The herbicide we have in this pack is Turf Culture Bow and Arrow. This is a great commercial quality herbicide that tackles a range of broad leaf weeds like Bindii, Clover, Oxalis, and Cats Ear etc . The other good thing it is safe for all turf types. I am a advocate of reading the label before purchasing and applying which I have linked below. So having said that I am not advising any mix ratios for bow and arrow this is one you need to work out as every sprayer is different however you do want to be in the range of between 2-5L of water per 100sqm. However if you do have any dramas you can always message and ask me.

Click here to view the Bow and Arrow Label