Ralphy's Spring Time Bundle

The ultimate pack for those wishing to undertake Spring time renorvations

This Pack Consists of 

Floratine High Five is perfect for post vertimowing recovery. Once you get a little bit of leaf growth back a foliar treatment of High Five will help the recovery process promoting density and re rooting in turf.

Adama Marvel: Once your lawn is back to full health its time to manage the growth of your lawn. Adama Marvel is a plant growth regulator with the same common active Trinexapac-Ethyl as we see with other growth regulators around. Using Adama Marvel will help not only slow the growth down it also helps make a tighter, denser lawn. 

you can read more on PGR by CLICKING HERE

Floratine Propel is a wetting agent and is crucial prior and after renorvations when renovating you are exposing bare soil to the last remaining bits of grass you have left. Using a wetting agent will not only allow the water to efficiently move through the sand profile but it will help keep your soil profile cooler.