Ralphy's New Lawn and Repair Pack

This pack is Perfect for the following.

  • For the a new lawn to help it establish
  • For a lawn in need of heavy repairs
  • For a Lawn that just needs a overall boost in health

Fertiliser Choice is either

Eco Growth Eco Prime Red which is great as a starter fertiliser for new lawns or can be used when heavy repairs are need to a existing lawn.


Eco Growth Eco Prime Purple which is great for newer lawns to help them finish establishing as well as for a tired old lawn that just needs a over all health boost and to help fill in some patchiness.

Ralphy's Refresh - Formulated by SACOA especially for Ralphy’s Lawn and Garden Supplies. Refresh is a 3-way action wetting agent which is formulated to suit Western Australia’s harsher climates and watering conditions. Refresh has been formulated to not only break through hydrophobic soils but also retain water in the soil for longer periods.

Ralphy's Seacharge Kelp - Formulated locally Seacharge is a high-quality kelp concentrate designed to boost root development, increase microbial activity and build tolerance to disease and environmental pressures. Seacharge is a great benefit to the Lawn and Garden.

Ralphy's Unleash Humic Acid - Formulated locally Unleash is a concentrated liquid combination of humic and fulvic acids and a hint of molasses for increasing humus and carbon in the soil. humic and fulvic acids increase nutrient and water retention as well as unlocking tied up nutrients. Unleash is great for both the Lawn and Garden.  

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