Ralphy's Heat Stress Pack

This year they are predicting that we are going to have a hot dry summer. So I have created a bundle that will help during the hottest period.

The Bundle Consists of

Ralphy's Refresh this is a Wetting and Retaining Agent in one so it will help break through hard to wet soils as well as help retain the moisture in the soil for longer periods.

100-200mls per 100sqm every 4 weeks. ( Use higher rate if the lawn is already showing signs of dryness )

Ralphy's Engage this is a highly available potassium and phosphonic acid making it an ideal tool to combat turf stress and aid in root recovery. Added amino and organic acids help increase turf vigour and health.

100-250mls per 100sqm every 4 weeks and can be applied with other Ralphy's Products.

Watering Tips

When your lawn does show signs of heat stress it is quite easy to think about watering every day to help it recover. However this can cause problems down the track. What happens when you water more frequently is the root system becomes more shallow. Which is where the roots stay near the surface. The issue with this is the surface is what dries out the fastest so if you miss a day of water or if it is a really hot day the lawn dries out faster.

My advice is when you see a dry patch continue your watering schedule which is 10mm twice a week on allocated watering days and then pick a day in between watering days to go out with the hose and really flood the dry patches only with water. By giving it a deep water this will continue to help encourage a deeper root system. This will be more beneficial in the long run.