Ralphy's Premium Lawn Pack

This pack includes everything in the Lawn Essential Pack as well as the choice of Stimulant.

There is 2 types stimulant options here most are Humic Acid Based and there is 1 straight Fulvic Acid.


Fulvic Acid Like Plant Doctor Stimulizer can help with nutrient uptake as well as helping strengthen roots and helping to prevent root disease. This can also be added to foliar based products to improve uptake.

Humic Acid does have fulvic acid in it you can extract fulvic acid but not the other way around. Humic Acid is more of a soil conditioner. However will certainly help with nutrient uptake as well. Its a great product to improve soil and plant health. As well as helping buffering toxins out and neutralising soil PH.


If your looking for a bit of extra information please checkout my Lawn guide and if you scroll a little further down you will see my Fertiliser choice guide if you need help picking a fertiliser type.

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