HG Xtreme Lawn Addicts

HG Xtreme Lawn Addict.

So you’re ready to take your lawn to the next level?

The HG Xtreme Lawn Addict plan is what will help you achieve the goal of getting to the next level and I’m here to help you along the way as well. When you decide to go to the next level in lawn care feeding through the leaf is the most effective way to feed the lawn. Although granular is still great to put out, not always is the elements in the soil available to be taken up by the plant. When foliar feeding the elements are ready to go and can be taken in through the leaf. This gives a more consistent even feeding and there are no nutrient tie ups or blocks stopping any of these nutrients from being taken up.

Foliar applications are applied with a pressure sprayer only as low water use is the key to great results. Soil based applications can be applied with you Hortex sprayer or Ez-Flo.

Below we have 2 templates both have the same products but on the intro template we don’t apply the products as often.

HG Xtreme Lawn Addict Intro

HG Xtreme Lawn Addict Advance

We can also organise a plan to suit your lawns condition and needs. We can also do a soil test which will help accurately see what is available and what the plant needs and build a plan to work around that.

We generally do advise to look at a soil test in early spring to set you up for the season a soil test is $185 inc GST.