Floratine heat stress and repair bundle

This pack is a great pack to get down on heat stressed lawns to give it a perk up. Floratine Protesyn helps feed the lawn essential carbohydrates to help it recover from heat stress. Floratine Spike will help repair colour whilst improving heat stress tolerance and Floratine Propel will ensure that water is effectively working in the soil profile as well as unlocking tied up nutrients in the soil.

This pack is a soil based pack and is best applied with a soil based nozzle that creates larger sized droplets. If you don't have a Air Induction Nozzle we do have those in stock in the link below.

Teejet AIXR Poly Nozzles

ProteSyn Protein Synthesis or “liquid sunshine in a bottle.”  The new and improved formulation contains amino acids, simple proteins and carbohydrates fortified with plant enzymes, vitamins, plant sugars and other simple and complex carbons in a 6-2-3 nutrient base. ProteSyn conserves plant energy and directly improves its photosynthetic efficiency by providing key amino acids and carbohydrates to facilitate the formation of mature proteins, which are usually deficient in turfgrass under stress. Apply at the rate of 30-40 L/ha (300mL-400ml per 100m2)

Propel is a concentrated liquid humic acid combined with a penetrating wetting agent designed to increase the movement of water and will provide increased uptake of micronutrients. Apply at the rate of 10-20 L/Ha (100-200ml per 100m2

Spike is a premium quality nutrient compound designed for use on all intensively managed turfgrass to maximise leaf colour and improve stress tolerance. Apply at the rate of 10-20 L/ha (100-200ml per 100m2)

Apply this pack every 14-28 days.