Baileys 4.1.1 Intro Soil Bundle

Baileys 4.1.1. is a premium grade autumn and winter, phosphate free , turf fertiliser formulated to produce excellent colour and growth all year round. It is ideal for use on sports ovals, passive reserves, parks and domestic/home lawns.

4.1.1. contains two sources of nitrogen: ammonium nitrate and sulphate of ammonia. The nitrate form of nitrogen is more readily converted in colder months and the ammonia form is slowly converted, resulting in a slower release and longer life. 25-30grams per sqm every 8 weeks

Plant Doctor Activ8mate liquid fertiliser & inoculant Activ8mate is biologically enhanced and is both a Fertiliser and Plant/Soil Inoculant that stimulates and feeds the existing beneficial soil microbes as well as feeding the plants, trees & turf etc. with a myriad of key ingredients. 75mls Per 100sqm every 4 weeks