Baileys 4.1.1 and Ralphy's Engage Bundle

Baileys 4.1.1. is a premium grade autumn and winter, phosphate free , turf fertiliser formulated to produce excellent colour and growth all year round. It is ideal for use on sports ovals, passive reserves, parks and domestic/home lawns.

4.1.1. contains two sources of nitrogen: ammonium nitrate and sulphate of ammonia. The nitrate form of nitrogen is more readily converted in colder months and the ammonia form is slowly converted, resulting in a slower release and longer life.

Application Rate:

20 grams per sqm every 6 weeks


Ralphy's Engage is a premium blend of highly available potassium and phosphonic acid making it an ideal tool to combat turf stress and aid in root recovery. Added amino and organic acids help increase turf vigour and health.

Application Rate:

Soil Application 150-250ml Per 100 sqm every 4 weeks

Foliar Application 100-200ml Per 100 sqm every 4 weeks