Plant Doctor Lawn Envy
Plant Doctor Lawn Envy

Plant Doctor Lawn Envy

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Lawn Envy

Looking after your lawn and garden has never been so easy! Due to the overwhelming feedback, we’ve created a combination of our top-selling products to provide a simple, easy-to-apply, pre-mixed product ready to use. With its DNA sourced from Activ8Extra, Nature's Soil Wetter and Seaweed extract with the added benefit of iron chelate, looking after your lawn or garden has never been so easy.

The Plant Doctor range has been created using the science of nature, using the finest ingredients available. Each product in Lawn Envy has been individually selected to provide the required balance of nutrients to help your soil remain healthy and disease-free throughout the hottest summer and coldest winter. Combined with our 2-litre MaxGreen Hose on, you’ll have everything you need to keep your looking great all year round in just a few easy steps. To reuse the convenient Hose on bottle and reduce landfill, just grab a 4L refill that will provide 8 treatments based on a 50/50 mix with water for each refill.


Add 1L of concentrate to the 2L bottle. Can also be used to top up your EZFLO device.

2L ready to use - NPK 8-1-3 + 1% Fe (EDTA) and Wetting agent

Concentrate refills - NPK 16-1-5 + 1% Fe (EDTA) and Wetting agent

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