Baileys Clay and Compost 25L

Baileys Clay and Compost 25L

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ETA from order is roughly about 1 week.  We purchase the stock when you order to ensure the product is a fresh batch and not a batch that has been sitting.

Baileys Clay & Compost is an all-in-one soil conditioner for amendment of sandy, hydrophobic soils. It contains Soil Solver kaolin clay, silts and rock minerals as well as mature compost to increase soil capacity to hold nutrients and water, and naturally regenerate soil fertility. The premium ingredients create a loam like soil texture, that will grow a lush, healthy garden and nutrient dense food. 

  • Improve fertility
  • Improve soil biology
  • Increase soil water holding capacity
  • Contains kaolin clay
  • Clay & Compost is the ideal soil preparation product for new lawns, gardens and vegetable beds based on sandy soil. 

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