Floratine Renaissance
Floratine Renaissance

Floratine Renaissance

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Renaissance is a premium micronutrient compound containing key elements for promoting strong and healthly turfgrass. Also included are the essential building blocks for chlorophyll production to give the best possible color.

Renaissance provides a balanced formulation of secondary and micronutrients and naturally occurring plant extracts designed to ensure rapid and linear availability of critical elements to all turfgrasses. A multi-vitamin for turfgrass, it can be helpful in many stress recovery situations.

APPLICATION: Apply with any equipment that delivers a fine, even spray mist to the target area utilizing 02-04 tips. Do not water in. Wait at least 2 hours to irrigate.

RATE OF APPLICATION: Apply to turf at the rate of 25-50ml Per 100sqm. For specific deficiency problems, apply up to 100ml Per 100sqm.

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